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ORESTE WILL BE BACK della regista Alessia Siniscalchi - Napoli Museo della Moda

LIVE MUSIC - PHOTOGRAPHY - INSTALLATION -  PROJECTIONS - PERFORMANCE - LIVE FILMING - SPOKEN WORDS - RAP This is the start of a new project. It's a live performance.  It's live music.  It's a rap .  It’s art  It's photography.  It's a film.  This is the next chapter in a new series.    A contemporary interpretation of the Orestes myth: A true New Yorker, the actor Paul Spera, puts his flow and his pen on the beats composed by Phil St George, the ensemble is conducted by Alessia Siniscalchi. The installations by Giovanni Ambrosio, Opus Incertum and the documentary work Ius soli, remind us of the right to reclaim our abandoned land and to free it from assassins. The exile of Orestes is revisited through spontaneous dialogues between Alessia Siniscalchi and Paul Spera, alternating reflections on the violence of our time and poetic texts written by Paulina Mikol. Live music by Phil St George, lights and projections by Benjamin Sillon, video by Maria Mazzella and sound b